cPanel Cloud Hosting

The World’s leading hosting control panel built on Australia's best cloud hosting platform. Get your fast, reliable and secure hosting today.

Cloud 1

  • 1 GB Storage
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 100% CPU

Order Now : $ 4.95/m

Cloud 2

  • 5 Gb Storage
  • 2 Gb Memory
  • 200% CPU

Order Now : $ 9.95/m

Cloud 3

  • 10 GB Storage
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 200% CPU

Order Now : $ 14.95/m

Cloud 4

  • 15 GB Storage
  • 6 GB Memory
  • 300% CPU

Order Now : $ 19.95/m

Cloud 5

  • 25 Gb Storage
  • 8 Gb Memory
  • 400% CPU

Order Now : $ 29.95/m

All Our Plans Include...

Advanced features for powerful and reliable website hosting!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Our hosting servers are connected to our own fully redundant DDoS protected network, powered by Brocade and Extreme Networks appliances, with over 40Gbit of local connectivity.

  • Unlimited MariaDB Databases

    MariaDB is a faster, lightweight replacement for MySQL that provides faster database queries and is compatible with any existing MySQL database.

  • Unlimited Addon, Sub and Parked Domains

    Add-on domains allow you to create a completely different website to that of your primary cPanel domain name and display as the add-on domain.

  • Unlimited FTP Accounts

    We do not limit the number of FTP Accounts set up with your web hosting service. Please note that we do not allow unlimited FTP connections.

  • AutoSSL SSL Certificates

    Auto SSL is a new feature available in cPanel that allows you to set up an SSL Certificate on your web hosting service for free.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

    The number of IMAP/POP3 email accounts that can be setup for sending and receiving mail. You can also choose to purchase a purpose-built email hosting solution to use alongside your web hosting service.

  • 300,000 Inode Limit

    The number of individual files that can be stored within any single web hosting service. This limit is set in place to mitigate any issues with scheduled backups and to ensure your service performs optimally.

  • 4,000KB/s Disk IO Speed

    A higher disk I/O speed helps prevent unnecessary bottlenecks on your server when trying to perform a series of tasks.

  • Acronis Hourly Backups

    Your data will be backed up by Acronis Cloud Backup and will be available to restore at any time.

  • Fortinet Hardware Firewall

    We've partnered with the world's leading provider of hardware firewalls, Fortinet, offering additional protection from malicious attacks (DDoS, etc).